We Are Only Visitors

This book is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed first book by Daniel Hertz entitled SWAMI HARI: I AM A SIMPLE FOREST MONK, which was nominated for the 2011 Minnesota Book Award. The book presents contemplations on many topics of life and spirituality.  Daniel takes us on a journey of both inside and outside travels, and in the process offers us a gentle questioning and a wisdom concerning many of our own common life situations.  One of the new essays is about Swami Hari, and is entitled Back to India.  It recounts Daniel’s 26 night stay in the remarkable Himalayan holy Shiva shrine called Tarkeshwar.  The previously unpublished excerpts from Swami Hari’s lectures and the letters from the students at SRIVERM quickly became the heart and soul of the whole project. The rest of the essays and poems cover these topics: gratitude, forgiveness, birth, death, meditation, nature, attachment, the mind-body relationship. teaching Yoga, Swami Hari, India, and more   They are rooted in Daniel’s Yoga practice and are seen through the eyes of someone who has practiced Yoga and Meditation for more than 20 years. Through his writings he demonstrates a wonderful balance and grace, arrived at through Yoga, Meditation, contemplation, and selfless service. The book is offered out of a place of peace and great gratitude for the way things are.

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