Swami Hari: I am a simple forest monk

swami-hari-i-am-simple-forest-monk-daniel-hertz-paperback-cover-artThis is a book of Essays and Poems based on Daniel’s experiences with Swami Hari, a disciple of Swami Rama and a Himalayan Mountain Yogi. The paper edition was originally published in color in 2010 and was offered as a gift for people who made a certain level of donation to SRIVERM. The 2nd edition of the paper version is in black and white and was released on Amazon in 2011. It was nominated for the Minnesota Book Award. About $20,000 dollars has been raised so far for SRIVERM from the sale of the book. With the Kindle version being offered at a new lower price,  the book is now accessible to a larger group of people around the globe.

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